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What to expect

Our processes are quite simple. Expect a straightforward and personal journey with us, with transparent decision-making from application to decision.


Submit application

Submit your application easily online—just fill out the relevant form.


Application review

Our team will review the application and reach out to you, no matter the response.


Intro call

You will be invited to an intro call with Lazarina to discuss the specifics and your role.


Start work

Once all the details are ironed out, you will be invited to sign an agreement, depending on your role, and you’re good to go! 

Open Roles

Featured Openings

In our cozy corner of the industry, we cherish the notion that big impacts stem from small beginnings. At our core, we prioritize a culture of collaboration, learning, and mutual respect, ensuring your voice is heard and valued.

Content Contributor

Share your expertise and insights as a content contributor. You can choose how much to contribute, and to which aspect of our training platform. Enjoy perks like personal brand exposure, promotion, affiliate commissions, and more!

Become a sponsor to any of our initiatives – academy, newsletter, online courses, podcast, and more.

Web Developer

Help us make MLforSEO even better! Get involved in building our web academy on WordPress and help improve our website’s design and functionality. We’d love to work with a freelancer on an ongoing basis.

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