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Join our journey however suits your brand. Become a pivotal part of our journey by sponsoring any of our diverse initiatives, including the academy, newsletter, online courses, podcast episodes, and more. Your support not only amplifies our reach but also empowers professionals across the digital marketing and machine learning landscape to advance and innovate.

Your role

Become a sponsor with us and step into a partnership that places you at the forefront of our platform. You have the flexibility to choose what to sponsor, how your brand appears, and the messaging that represents you, allowing us to co-create a feature that truly resonates with your values. As an integral part of our platform’s growth, your contribution shapes the future of digital marketing and machine learning education.

Sponsorship opportunities

Newsletter: Buy a sponsored ad slot in our newsletter.
Podcast Episode (or Season): Sponsor the creation of a podcast episode or the entire first season.
Online course sponsor: Sponsor the creation of an online course.
Sponsor scholarships: Buy the access to our training academy for people from disadvantaged groups.

Where your money goes

Building Our Professional Academy: Your support helps us create and maintain a state-of-the-art learning environment for digital marketing and machine learning enthusiasts, including recording equipment and studio hire
Developing Resources and Online Courses: Fees go towards the creation of comprehensive resources and courses, including compensating our contributors through our upcoming compensation program.
Sponsoring access to people who can’t otherwise afford access: A portion of the sponsorship fees is dedicated to granting access to our resources for free to those who might otherwise be unable to afford them, ensuring equal opportunities for all.

Why should you sponsor MLforSEO?

Perks of sponsoring us


Get exposure to a niche audience of highly technical marketers and senior executives, interested in automation.


Since we are a newly-founded platform, you can co-create many of aspects of the advertisement, ensuring your sponsorship aligns with your vision and our mission. 

Social impact

You can directly contribute to the growth and development of disadvantaged groups by sponsoring initiatives that help bring such individuals to the forefront of technical industries. 

Innovator recognition

As one of our early sponsors, your brand will be recognized as a pioneer supporting innovation in digital marketing and machine learning education. 


Gain early access to a dedicated and rapidly growing community of learners, educators, and industry professionals. A unique opportunity to build relationships, gather feedback, and understand the needs and trends at the intersection of digital marketing and machine learning.

Customized Engagement Strategies

We offer the flexibility to craft customized engagement strategies that perfectly align with your brand’s objectives. Whether it’s through targeted content, special events, or unique promotional activities, we’re committed to creating a sponsorship experience that maximizes your visibility and impact in meaningful ways.


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You can kick-start the process by completing the form. You can share as little or as much about your sponsorship vision and our collaboration as you’d like, and even pre-register interest for some of the initiatives we have in the works.