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training academy for search marketers

Improve your Organic Strategy with Machine Learning Automation

Unlock the future of organic search with, a training platform created by Lazarina Stoy to empower search marketers with machine learning expertise.


Templates, guides, tutorials, and more!


ChatGPT “hacks

The training platform for ambitious search marketers, interested in machine learning

Built on a foundation of expertise and innovation, our platform is designed with beginners in mind, to teach you real machine learning in SEO – everything from training your own models, to implementing ML APIs, but also learning what to do with the data, and how to make the most of the automations.

learn the how in machine learning

Machine Learning Tutorials

Straightforward machine learning tutorials and how-to guides, ideal for beginners. Learn how to implement an API, or train your own machine learning model from scratch, using popular tools and technologies. Each tutorial includes all the resources you need, plus step-by-step guidance.


Practical machine learning
No chatGPT hacks, tips, and tricks
Training or API implementation


Practical skills
Step by step guidance
Templates for every tutorial
Theoretical background
Complete guidance
free code samples, sheets templates, and data visualisation designs

MLforSEO Templates

Kickstart machine learning implementation with our collection of templates, featuring Google Sheets templates with AppScript, Looker Studio dashboard templates, and a range of coding scripts and notebooks. Tailored for efficiency and effectiveness, these resources are designed with beginners in mind, ensuring you start your machine learning journey on the right foot.


SEO automation made easy
Code samples
Visualisation samples
Applied learning
Expert insights


Start with a template
Save time
Quickly understand your data
Ideal for beginners
Streamlined processes
learn from the best

MLforSEO Experts

Our ML/SEO Expert Directory aims to bring together seasoned professionals in both SEO and machine learning. These experts are contributors on our website, and some of them also offer consulting and training services to help you kickstart your ML/SEO projects.

Those that trusted us, loved the process

Join the ranks of forward-thinkers who’ve embarked on a transformative learning journey with us. Our ‘Wall of Love’ features heartfelt testimonials from our vibrant community, sharing their experiences of growth, innovation, and success. Discover why they loved the process — and why you will, too. Explore now to see the impact we’re making together.