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About the Contributor role

What is the primary responsibility?

Your primary responsibility will be to develop compelling, informative, and actionable content that bridges the gap between the complex world of machine learning and its practical applications in digital marketing.

You will receive detailed Contributor Guidelines and extensive editorial support.

What content can I contribute?

For our publication, you can create:
Tutorials (machine learning how to guides), featuring Google Sheets Templates, Looker Studio templates, or code samples
Implementation guides – strategy guides on how to implement insights, derived from data science or machine learning exercises to organic search strategies for different platforms

We are also looking for contributors for:
→ Academy
→ Podcast

The selection process for these two is a bit different, and at the moment we operate on an invite-only basis for the latter.

Who should apply?

We’d love to work with people that embody diverse experience, combining SEO and machine learning.

Specifically, I am also looking to hear from:
– Individuals with 1+ years in working with, training, or applying a range of machine learning models to digital marketing tasks
– Individuals with 1+ years experience in applying a range of machine learning extracted insights to digital marketing strategies
– Individuals with 3+ years in search engine optimization, search engine marketing, or digital marketing

That being said, I believe in meritocracy, and am aware there are exceptional individuals, who achieve what most can over a span of a successful career within a short number of years, or even months. If you feel like you have something to contribute to our publication and academy, please do not let the above lines stop you from pitching.

What skills are required for being a contributor?

→ Content Creation: Craft high-quality articles, tutorials, case studies, and video content that explain how to apply machine learning for marketers. Ensure all content is accessible to a range of audiences, from beginners to more advanced learners, and provides real-world applications to enhance SEO processes and strategies.

→ Research and Development: Stay informed of the latest trends and developments in machine learning. Apply this knowledge to create content that is both cutting-edge and highly relevant to our audience’s needs.

→ Audience Engagement: Engage with our platform’s community through Slack. Use feedback to refine your content, ensuring it meets the learning objectives and needs of our audience.

→ Collaboration: Work closely with other content contributors, subject matter experts, and the editorial team to ensure consistency in quality and messaging across all content. Participate in brainstorming sessions to generate new ideas for content that will drive engagement and learning.

Flexible opportunities to share your expertise

Perks of becoming a contributor


MLforSEO is a hub, where you can showcase a more tailored set of skills in machine learning and search engine marketing consulting, elevating your professional visibility and personal brand.

Expert directory feature

The website will also host a directory of experts, skilled in machine learning development and application in task automation and strategy in SEO industry.

Community access

Expand your personal and professional network by connecting with like-minded individuals.

Newsletter feature

All contributions will be shared in our newsletter.

Affiliate commissions and revenue sharing

Academy contributors become part of our referral program and gain affiliate commissions for every new member signed through their link.

Prolific contributors will be part of our revenue sharing program.

Attract consulting clients

Connect with other professionals for ML coaching and mentoring opportunities, as well as book calls for consulting on projects, related to ML-enabled automations in SEO.

Prospects can also book calls with contributors via the expert directory, and from individual contributions and features. This can enable you to showcase your skills and drive business to your ML/SEO consulting practice.


Fill the form to kick-start the process

You can kick-start the process by completing the form. You can share as little or as much about your contribution preferences and our collaboration as you’d like, and even pre-register interest for some of the initiatives we have in the works.