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We offer a 360-degree experience to help you nail your learning goals but also drive business value from your skills.


Machine Learning tutorials

Machine learning tutorials are designed to take you from Zero-to-Hero on a given API or process, offering enough theory and practice in a single post, so that you’re able to fully understand and replicate the flow on your own.


Templates and Resources

Explore our collection of resources, designed to help you every step of the way to implement or train machine learning models for organic search marketing tasks. Google Sheets Templates, Looker Studio Dashboards, Coding Scripts and Notebooks, and other content.


Project Implementation Guides

Learn how to implement the insights and data into actual SEO/Organic Search Marketing projects! Practical implementation steps, questions, and techniques, designed to help you make the most out of your machine learning skills to drive business value.


Expert directory

If after all of the steps, resources, academy lessons, and all you still need help – our directory of experts is here for you to choose who to book a consultation with.

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