Content Moderation with Google Cloud Natural Language API (Google Sheets Template and Apps Script)

This Google Sheets template, integrated with an Apps Script, utilizes the Google Cloud Natural Language API for content moderation. It enables users to automatically detect and classify various types of inappropriate or sensitive content within text directly in Google Sheets, streamlining the process of content review and moderation. This tool is especially valuable for managing…



This Google Sheets template employs the Google Cloud Natural Language API in conjunction with Google Apps Script to conduct content moderation directly within your spreadsheets. It leverages the API’s advanced NLP capabilities to detect inappropriate or sensitive content, making it easier to manage the quality of text across various documents without complex coding. The API offers thorough insights into content moderation categories, helping identify and mitigate potential risks in conversations online.


  • Seamless Integration: Connects Google Sheets with Google Cloud Natural Language API for quick and efficient content moderation.
  • Automated Content Analysis: Scans text to identify and provide an individual confidence score for undesirable or sensitive content for 16 different categories
  • User-Friendly, perfect for beginners: Designed for simplicity, it requires no programming skills or prior technical knowledge.

Use Cases

Here are just some of the ways you can use this template:

  • Use the template to analyse social media mentions for toxic comments
  • Use the template to monitor website comments, that users left on your blog posts
  • Use the template to monitor community posts or analyse forum interactions and their adherence to community code of conduct
  • Use the template to review web content tone and safety

See the related publication in the blog on how to set it up: How to Implement Content Moderation with Google’s Natural Language API in Google Sheets (Apps Script)


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