Syntax Analysis with Google Cloud Natural Language API (Google Sheets Template and Apps Script)

This Google Sheets template, integrated with an Apps Script, leverages the Google Cloud Natural Language API for syntax analysis. It allows users to analyze grammatical structure and extract parts of speech from text directly in Google Sheets, simplifying the process of linguistic data processing. This tool is particularly useful for analyzing syntax in textual data…



This Google Sheets template utilizes the Google Cloud Natural Language API coupled with Google Apps Script to perform syntax analysis directly within your spreadsheets. It capitalizes on the API’s ability to parse sentences and identify parts of speech, facilitating the examination of grammatical structures across various documents without requiring complex coding. The API provides comprehensive details about syntax, including recognizing nouns, verbs, adjectives, and other elements of the text.


  • Seamless Integration: Connects Google Sheets with Google Cloud Natural Language API for advanced syntax analysis.
  • Automatic Syntax Detection: Analyzes text to detect and categorize grammatical components, improving the clarity and understanding of written content.
  • User-Friendly: Designed for ease of use, it does not demand advanced programming knowledge or technical skills.

Use Cases

Syntax analysis can be highly beneficial for projects like keyword research, content auditing, and tone of voice alignment.

  • Keyword Research: Syntax analysis can help dissect the structure of search queries and content to better understand how specific keywords fit into various sentence forms. By analyzing how users phrase their searches syntactically, businesses can optimize their content with keywords that match these natural language patterns, thereby improving SEO and search relevancy.
  • Evaluate Content Clarity and Quality in Content Audits: During content auditing, syntax analysis can assess the grammatical structure of existing content to ensure clarity and readability. By identifying overly complex sentence structures, passive voice usage, or grammatical inconsistencies, businesses can refine their content to make it more accessible and engaging for readers, which is crucial for maintaining high SEO rankings and user engagement.
  • Align your brand tone of voice with that of your customers: Syntax analysis plays a crucial role in maintaining a consistent tone of voice across all content. It can analyze sentence structures to determine if the tone is formal, casual, authoritative, or friendly, aligning it with the brand’s desired persona. This consistency in voice helps strengthen the brand’s identity and can enhance the user’s connection to the brand, influencing both SEO and customer loyalty.

This template makes syntax analysis widely accessible, empowering users from educational to editorial fields to focus on improving content quality without the technical hurdles of data processing.

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