Entity Analysis with with Google Cloud Natural Language API (Google Sheets Template and Apps Script)

This Google Sheets template, enhanced with an Apps Script, utilizes the Google Cloud Natural Language API for entity analysis. It enables users to identify and categorize entities within text directly in Google Sheets, streamlining data processing and insight gathering without the need for complex coding. Ideal for extracting names, places, brands, and more from large…



This Google Sheets template leverages Google Cloud Natural Language API and Google Apps Script for entity analysis directly within your spreadsheets. It’s designed to channel the API to identify entities such as names, locations, organizations, and more from textual data, simplifying the process of extracting meaningful insights from large datasets without complex programming. For each entity, you also get data on the entity type, sentiment, and other entries, per the API response.


  • Seamless Integration: Connects Google Sheets with Google Cloud Natural Language API for efficient entity recognition.
  • Automatic Entity Extraction: Identifies and categorizes entities like people, places, organizations, events, and more.
  • Sentiment Data: Get entity sentiment data and sentiment magnitude
  • User-Friendly: Designed for ease of use, requiring no advanced technical skills or coding knowledge.

Use Cases

  • Content Analysis: Quickly understand articles or posts by identifying key entities.
  • Academic Research: Efficiently extract and categorize entities from research material or publications.
  • Market Analysis: Identify brand mentions and key players in market research data.
  • Customer Feedback Analysis: Extract product names, locations, and other relevant entities from customer reviews or feedback.

This template simplifies entity analysis, making it accessible for users ranging from marketing professionals to academic researchers, enabling them to focus more on deriving insights and less on the complexities of data processing.

See the related publication in the blog on how to set it up: How to do Entity Extraction with Google’s Natural Language API in Google Sheets (Apps Script)


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