Text Classification with Google Cloud Natural Language API (Looker Studio Template)

This Looker Studio dashboard is based on data from text classification with Google’s Natural Language API tutorial. It offers a detailed and organized view of content classification labels across multiple levels, from primary to tertiary. It provides quick summaries, deep insights into label structures, and advanced filtering options, including Regex, for page URLs and content.…


View all of your content classification labels, organised per class level

Viewing all of your content classification labels organized by levels like primary, secondary, and tertiary helps in understanding the hierarchical importance and detailed categorization of your content.

A glanceable summary of classification labels streamlines the process of assessing the overall distribution and volume of content categories at a quick glance.

Deep dive into the structure of classification labels and understand the make-up of different primary and secondary labels

Understand the composition of primary and secondary labels for precise content strategy adjustments and targeted analysis.

View and filter with advanced filters (including Regex) individual page URLs, content, classification label

Utilize advanced filters, including Regex, to view and sort individual page URLs, content, and classification labels, allows for granular control and specific targeting in content analysis.

Filtering out classification labels with low confidence scores ensures that the data you work with is reliable, improving the accuracy of your content strategy insights


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