Text Classification with with Google Cloud Natural Language API (Google Sheets Template with Apps Script)

Efficiently classify text in Google Sheets using our template for the Google Cloud Natural Language API text classification module, using Apps Script. Quick, beginner-friendly setup to get an accurate analysis for streamlined text processing and classification.



This Google Sheets template integrates with the Google Cloud Natural Language API to provide a powerful text classification solution without any coding skills necessary. It automates the classification of textual data within Google Sheets, leveraging Google Cloud’s advanced natural language processing capabilities. This template is designed to simplify the workflow for users needing to categorize large volumes of text without complex coding, directly from their spreadsheet environment.


  • Easy integration – The template connects seamlessly with Google Cloud Natural Language API through Google AppScript, allowing for straightforward setup and use. Users can start classifying text without any need for extensive technical knowledge.
  • Automatic Text Classification – Automatically categorize text data into predefined labels based on content. This feature is invaluable for analyzing customer feedback, sorting emails, or organizing research data, significantly reducing manual effort and time.

Use Cases

This template is ideal for businesses and individuals who need to:

  • Label categories on a massive content catalogue quickly
  • Organize research data or content for academic and professional projects.
  • Categorize social posts by topic.

This Google Sheets template with Google Cloud Natural Language API integration offers a simple, efficient solution for text classification and sentiment analysis, turning your spreadsheet into a powerful tool for data analysis.

See the tutorial for using this template: How to do Text Classification with Google’s Natural Language API in Google Sheets (AppScript)


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