Sentiment Analysis with Google Cloud Natural Language API (Google Sheets Template and Apps Script)

This Google Sheets template, enhanced with an Apps Script, utilizes the Google Cloud Natural Language API for sentiment analysis. It enables users to identify sentiment and categorize sentiment expressed, with its magnitude into categories (or otherwise – Sentiment Tags) directly in Google Sheets, streamlining data processing of reviews and feedback. Ideal for analysing sentiment in…



This Google Sheets template utilizes the Google Cloud Natural Language API coupled with Google Apps Script to perform sentiment analysis directly within your spreadsheets. It harnesses the API’s capabilities to detect overall sentiment and the emotional tone from textual data, streamlining the task of assessing sentiments across a vast array of documents without the need for intricate coding. The API delivers detailed sentiment scores, including both the polarity (positive or negative) and magnitude of emotions expressed in the text.


  • Seamless Integration: Links Google Sheets with Google Cloud Natural Language API for robust sentiment analysis.
  • Automatic Sentiment Detection: Analyzes text to determine overall sentiment, providing both sentiment polarity and magnitude.
  • User-Friendly: Crafted for simplicity, it requires no advanced programming skills or technical expertise.

Use Cases

  • Customer Feedback Analysis: Assess customer satisfaction and emotional responses by analyzing feedback or reviews.
  • Brand Monitoring: Track and evaluate public sentiment towards a brand across various media and platforms by analysing content, titles or other elements of content written about the brand.
  • Content Strategy: Optimize content by understanding the emotional impact of articles, blogs, or social media posts.

This template democratizes sentiment analysis, making it accessible to professionals from marketing to academic fields, enabling them to concentrate on insights derivation rather than technical complexities of data processing.

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